Kumeu Baptist Church

a Christian congregation serving the Kumeu community in Auckland

Tithing and Giving

As a Baptist Church, the support and services we are able to provide to our members and wider community are dependent of the generous giving and tithing of our body of believers.

To set up a regular, automatic tithe

Please click here for a direct debit banking form

To make regular cash tithes at church through the weekly collection

If you wish to give an offering using cash through the weekly collection, a dedicated donee number can be registered with the office. You would then place your money in a numbered envelope (provided by the office) to ensure that a donations receipt can be generated for you at the end of the financial year (see ‘tax rebates’ below).  Those tithing by cheque do not need to use an envelope as your details are recorded anyway.

To make one-off donations

The Kumeu Baptist bank account number for direct debit of tithes or one-off donations is:

02 0139 0042707 00
Please put your ‘name’ in the reference field and ‘tithe’ in the details field

Tax Rebates

At the end of each financial year the church treasurer will issue tax giving receipts through which a tax refund can often be obtained by the giver.  Ideally this could then be gifted back to the Church and thus your giving multiplied. Click here for a partially completed form for donating your donation tax rebate to Kumeu Baptist Church.

Click here for the IRD’s information sheet on tax rebates.