Kumeu Baptist Church

a Christian congregation serving the Kumeu community in Auckland

Baptism and Membership


Baptism is one of the very first acts of obedience that Jesus calls his follows to. It is a public act made by a believer that reveals an inner spiritual reality - that a believer has passed from spiritual death to life as they are submerged under the baptism waters and resurface. It's an incredibly significant moment , and as it's clearly taught as a necessity in the bible, it's encouraged in the life of the church for those who have not yet done it.

If you would like to talk more about baptism (or membership) talk to one of our pastoral team, they would love to chat more about it.


First and foremost, membership is a pledge of commitment to Christ Jesus and to a local church. As a congregationally governed church however, membership also plays a very important role in how we do church. Christ is the head of the church (Col. 1:18), and we believe that as we gather together, his Holy Spirit is present to help us discern his will for the church (Mt. 18:20). This means that all committed followers of Jesus can be a part of the discernment process as all are 'priests' under Christ (1 Pet. 2:5). This is a responsibility we take seriously however, which is why a discerning member of the church must be willing to commit to all aspects of the members pledge.

While membership is encouraged, non-members are always welcome to attend and be an integral part of the church life and fellowship.

Kumeu Baptist Church Member's Pledge

  1. To seek Christ in order that by Grace he may be reflected in and through us; primarily through reading scripture, prayer and seeking the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.
  2. To actively serve and participate in the life, ministry and mission of the church; regularly attending services and a home group as far as I am able.
  3. To be faithful in prayer for the church and for those beyond its borders.
  4. To seek to give sacrificially of our resources for God’s Kingdom purposes – including financial support for the local church.
  5. To actively participate in the governance of the church by seeking to discern Christ’s will as the gathered body (family forums).
  6. To support and encourage the leadership of the church through prayer and other means.
  7. To engage in deepening and enriching the spirit of love and fellowship in the church, actively seeking to resolve any conflict in love where appropriate.
  8. In our faith commitment to God, we commit to caring for and supporting one another in love.
  9. To join in the mission of God by actively seeking to share one’s faith in Christ.